The Special call ON1708M will be on the air starting from July 11, 2008 untill the end of the year, in order to commemorate the Battle held in our region on july 11, 1708. This conflict is known as the War of the Spanish Succession, which lasted from 1701 till 1714. The duke of Marlborough led about 80,000 Englishmen with their allies to confront approximately 95,000 Frenchmen under command of the Duke of Burgundy. About 6,000 were killed and 7,000 were wounded. A City a king and a general. With this main theme the city of Oudenaarde is creating a major re-enactment on the weekend of july 11/12/13 2008 and this will be absolutely unique on a scale seldom seen before in Flanders. 240 foot soldiers, 40 cavalrymen and at least 40 gunners, manning 10 pieces, come to Oudenaarde.

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